Website -- Cold Weather Alarm

Project Introduction

Date: Mar 11th to Apr 4th, 2017

Role: Coder

Tools: HTML, CSS

Type: Group Work

Team Member: Alex Wan, Reiza Gabriel


Cold Weather Alarm is an online website approach to help residents of Vancouver engage and navigate through information on the emergency awareness in extremely cold weather. The approach is expected to be fully-responsive and deliver messages effectively.




The first week we are asked to brainstorm our website and give a sitemap to illustrate which way we were going to represent the website. As you seen in the picture, we chose to combine the information relative to the same parent page to deliver messages in an effective way.



Representation is a key part of building a great website, this is the reason why we would need to do some collaboration, validation, user testing and collecting actionable feedback as well. The second week we started to build our mock-up website with the help of a prototyping software Axure RP. We brought these to the class and got some good feedback from instructor and classmates.

Over the next two weeks, based on the feedbacks we had got, we made some adjustments to our original layout and coded it a website with HTML5.

Project Reflection

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to deliver plenty of information within a limited space effectively. Keeping information in a good hierarchy is the best way to be attentional and impressive.

From this Project I have learned the principals of website designing as well as how to organize and express information for a website with HTML/CSS.