Date: Nov 2nd to Dec 5th, 2017

Role: Coder, Graphic Designer

Tools: Anroid studio , Photoshop

Type: Individual


The definition of modern life has extended to a great extent these days. It is not only referring to live in a life with enough materials but also has a healthy physical condition. My application is created to address a life attitude where uses are inspired to stay healthy by working out.

My application provides the users an access to locate them on the real map which can search for the nearby gymnasium as well as the video tutorials are about how to work out no matter where you are. It could be used as a tool to keep track of users’ food intake and share users’ experience to their Facebook. The features like pedometer and stopwatch would benefit users a bigger picture of how much work they have finished within a day.


 It is all about progamming:


Log in/ Register:

The user is asked to register before they can use full features of the application. The information is expected are Username, Password, Height, Weight, then the application will store this information in the SharedPreference for being used among other activities.

Food Intake:

This activity keeps track of user’s food intake based on their current weight and height. The first fragment asks the user to input the information of the food they had eaten and then the application writes it to the Database. Along with that, the nutrition required for the user is also calculated based on the information the user inputs at the register screen. Either clicking “check log” button or Bottom Action Bar, the log can be seen on the screen with the help of a recycled view.


I implemented a couple of fun things in the Explore Activity and one of them is the achievement. There are four achievements can be collected now and they are “Awesome Achiever” “Socializer” “Awesome Runner” “Gym lover”. The user would notice the icons on the fragment all have a lock in the middle and The picture will change to unlocked after they meet the certain requirement.

Find Nearest Gym:

To find the nearest Gym around user without opening Google Map, I downloaded the Url from Google Map by UrlHttpConnection. I parsed the information from Url to a HashMap. The places are lastly displayed on the map and I added each of them a marker.



Project Reflection

When I was working on this project, I kept challenging myself by implementing two goals of bonus functionality -- Google Place and Facebook Sharing. 


The project teaches me the process of making an Android Application in Android Studio.  Now I am more familiar with the Java libraries and classes which are relative to the networking. If given more time, I would like to polish the interface of my application more.

Project Introduction