TeaTime Vending Machine

Date: Mar 1st to Apr 17th, 2017

Role: Coder , Graphic Designer

Tools: Java , Photoshop

Type: individual


The application would ask customers to finish 5 steps following the instruction to customize their own drink. There will be a wide range of choices including drink size, drink type, topping, sugar level and water level.

My application was designed in the sequence order, which means a certain choice/step depends on a previous choice/ step. Also, the drink which the user customizes with will be displayed on the screen dynamically.

Project Introduction

I promised myself to design all the graphics assets if time allows. I started with categorizing different kinds of drink and all of the toppings customers can choose from. The sugar level and Ice level are also taken into consideration for mimicking whole ordering process.

Graphic Design:




While I was adding more codes to the application, I kept synchronizing linking the class and object in the XML. This helped me have a big picture of how my application would look like and the relationship between different classes. Plus, in this way, the variables can be easy to check and refer as the process goes on.

The extra explanation of variable and methods are introduced as well in the Java codes. Along with that, I created a final report to explain what I have learned from the course materials and how I used them in the actual codes.


Project Reflection

Through this project, I explored more with Java and my programming skill got developed greatly. I am happy with the final result because all of the features are implemented and they are working fine in the application. For the future plan, I will improve the user interface because it looks too simple without helping customers recognize the features of our beverage. What’s more, the selection box will appear when users make up their decisions in process stage.

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